Unstable King is the work of Michael Bell and friends. We create work that combines the huge world of gaming with other art forms; performance, comedy, installations and exhibitions.

We take our work all over the UK and Europe; festivals, universities, museums, corporate events, libraries and theatres... Our work has been seen and played by thousands of people of all ages crossing cultural boundaries using a shared language of play

Our most popular work so far has been the Cardboard Arcade and a show we made called Game. We are currently creating an exhibition, booklet and ted style talk aimed at parents and educators and young people that addresses a lot of worries we hear from parents at our events and aims to provide them with information (often playable) to use gaming as an access point for art, creativity and positive social interaction. 

We also work as designers and makers with other companies and institutions and also as consultants when places are looking to do gaming related projects.

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. FB you'll see our events we put on (kind of like small scale secret cinema but for video games and general nostalgia). Twitter we post interesting stuff to do with the work we make and video game culture. Insta is where we show off cool pictures of our work. 


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