Beast Lords Of Gamedom

A work in progress look at the project. featuring videos, essays, marketing thoughts and general good-timery.

experiencing true fear 17/05/15

in virtual reality, lawnmower man style.

the arcade 21/04/15

building arcades out of cardboard

fermentation 26/01/2015

level bristol old vic

xmas news 18/12/2014

to bov and beyond

Circus shorts and Tweekweak 19/11/2014

Our favourite R&D video yet and some up to date info on the mission. Click on the pic to get tweaking.

R&D by the sea 20/10/2014

Thanks to The Marine Theatre and their residency program R&D by the sea we spent a lovely week in Lyme Regis right next to the ocean making the show. It was great – crab baguettes, shit loads of pasties, some red wine, once film (the lego movie) and also loads of work on the show. The showing was really helpful and we came up with loads of new material especially a hats section we’re chuffed with. Click on the photo for more great photos and some video action.

we bought too many mats

we are selling really good 40mm 1×1 metre jigsaw mats. get on it.

We got funding muthamutha. Thanks ACE.

the first week of playtime 16/06/2014

As a part of the Circus Shorts program we got a week of R&D space and a showing at Circomedia. All of us spent many hours doing physical theatre in this same space when we studied at circo so it felt good to be back. Click on the photo for a couple of videos and pics from the week.