[real life gaming]

Have a read here to see what people think of the show so far.

Game is a comedy show about three friends who believe they are trapped in a game. Told through sketch inspired comedy, invented games, circus feats and Chuck Norris’s Martial Way™ the show is a playful journey about winning, losing and the discomfort of close range paint-ball gunfire.

Inspired by the virtual worlds of computer games, the glory of Takeshi’s Castle and the inherent joy in winning it is a perfect nostalgia trip for the Nintendo 64 generation and a hilarious anti-Disney adventure for children.

Featuring music by Bon Jovi, Neutral Milk Hotel, Kola Kid and the should have been massive martial arts rock band Dragon Sound.

This guy is juggling like crazy

click on the crazy guy™ to see our game in progress page with videos, words and pictures sometimes on their own sometimes combined

The show is currently rocking so hard people are dying all over the place and not regretting it. We are supported by Arts Council England, Circomedia, The Marine Theatre, BOV Ferment, Jackson’s Lane and Galactus (the destroyer).

For more info (or to request a longer video) send us an e-mail. We are all accomplished hackers so we know what we are doing on the computers.

Download our marketing pack here (right click save as).

We are currently planning a tour for autumn 2017. Get in touch if you want us to come your way. So far we’ve hit up Jackson’s Lane, Latitude and we did a weeks run at the Family Arts Festival at Bristol Old Vic where we sold out. We may even hit the fringe for a bit in 2017 if we’re feeling crazy and want to burn some money.