We did an R&D at Circomedia (thanks Circo!) as we have been chosen to be a part of their autumn Circus Shorts show. Below are some vids and words from the week. The main video is at the bottom.

day one

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day two, three, four and five

we were going to put up daily updates but it got too tiring after day 1. below is a mix video of the whole five days – mostly physical stuff and lots of pilates balls playtime. we did a showing on the friday but didn’t get it filmed – we got some great feedback that confirmed, inspired and questioned us which was good. the showing had some more text stuff, exploring ways of getting the ideas and themes across, introducing the characters etc. we also tried some of the darker scenes we can’t really upload on youtube. it was a great week with discussions on uploading our brains into the computer, the ethics of v.r sex, philip k. dick’s brain in a jar, the future of consciousness, free will and determinism, destiny and computer games. we’re looking forward to october when we get going at max power.

big shout out to matt mulg who’s wolf spirit was with us all the way. thanks to rachel for some early feedback, sound magic and general brilliance, thanks to the feedback crew who braved friday afternoon traffic to come watch and big thanks to circomedia without whom this wouldn’t have happened at all.

watch in 1080p HD. If it doesn’t show click here