written by mike

some news: we’re going to be doing a showing (what will probably be our last work in progress showing) as part of Ferment at Bristol Old Vic. Really chuffed to be there as once we infiltrate the dangerous networking cliques of BOV we will be much closer to completing our mission. the showing is on Thu 22 Jan, 8.15pm and we would like people to come and give us feedback please.

davey who made the The Stanley Parable – a game that has heavily influenced the show – has given us his blessing to use Kevan Brighting, the narrator in the game, as a narrator in our show. It’s kind of an easter egg cause I don’t think a lot of people who see the show will have played The Stanley Parable but it’s definitely a very obvious easter egg. i am hoping i can get the marketing right and attract people who wouldn’t usually go to see shows at the theatre but may be into gaming, films, geeky stuff etc.

sideshow magazine – an on-line mag i follow closely – is going to put us on their website saying some stuff about what we are up to. as we are such a new company it wasn’t the easiest thing to write as all we really have on the list is 1.) Make Wicked Show. but slowly i think the showings and website stuff has had an impact so we are getting the odd inquiry. i’ve also applied for quite a few commissions etc. but probably won’t hear anything back from any of them but once we conquer all they’ll regret it. and if one of you is reading this you’ll regret it.

ways of writing – i got a great tip off about a piece of software called Scrivener from Arron Sparks of Circus Geeks. it’s fucking amazing if you write stuff/make shows that involve text get on it it is worth the money.

xmas is here.

some enjoyable media from recent days:

rick and morty – really funny animated series
snowpiercer – if you have seen mother and liked the black comedy goings on it had that with added action
frank – great indie film about madness and music
some music – been digging sun kil moon’s recent offering and found it on vinyl, and after the whole mark kozelak war on drugs thing it got me into the war on drugs – lost in the dream. to write to the new grouper album and still a bit of arcade fire’s ‘her’ ost.

anyway it’s all kicking off lets hope the world doesn’t end soon cause our mission is in full swing.

also below is the best feedback form we’ve gotten yet