we just finished level three of the game. it was a great level called Ferment. we powered up in an old bomb factory for a week and an old fire station for a few days before taking on the boss. this is a rogue-like so we only had one chance.

the boss this time was made up of mostly other players / npc’s. some with the producer skill, some with the circus skills, some with the industry insider skill. some people who wandered in off of the street as things were pretty tough outside Bristol Old Vic that night with the battle currently going on for Viktor’s soul.

we showed 60 mins. we tried out using the voice thanks to amazing Rachel. the voice will in the end be recorded by Kevan Brighting from The Stanley Parable but we need the text to be tight before that happens.

we haven’t got the feedback forms yet but hoping there’s some constructive stuff / free excellent ideas on there. but we got a few tweets after it and a few producers interested which is a nice sign. as working with a producer is a new experience we don’t really know what we want but it sounds exciting and having another player on the team may give us better chances of beating the game.

we got some nice tweets though which we will show off now.

was aiming for migraine


the retweets and favourites are all by us sadly but who knows what the future holds.

the show is becoming whole now. we even tried out an ending. the amount of material we’ve made could make two shows. currently we’re really happy with 60 mins of what we have but will probably add another 15 of stuff that is currently at ideas stage. the main aim of the show is not to be boring so we are trying to be ok with letting go of material and only putting stuff in we are really happy with.

next stage is meeting producers. we have another week of work on it maybe two if budget will allow. we’re going through a list of artists created over the past year commissioning stuff. more photo-shoots and in may when Louis gets back from Aus we are going to make the trailer using drones and everything. and by drones we mean the weaponised ones. it may be a re-telling of the brilliant film Hard Target starring Jean-Claude-Van-Damme. but this time we will be getting chased by drones controlled by kids in a classroom who think it is a game but actual people are being hurt by their actions.

big thanks to Alex Turner for helping us over the few days with sound, footage, outside eyeing, general support and de-stressing, lighting, stage management, soundness.

also to Emma Bettridge of Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment for getting us involved and being lovely. to Tim Bell for telling Emma about us originally after our super early stage showing at the Marine Theatre. a sound thing to do for a new company. we appreciate it big time.

thanks to Jack Offord for some awesome photos.

thanks to everyone who came and gave feedback. big thanks to people who have seen this and the last version. legends galore.

remember nothing is real.