sometimes it’s interesting when reading about a show to hear what people think who have watched it. the following extracts have been carefully selected to show YOU why YOU should be interested in this show.

they are from feedback forms from Bristol old Vic and BeFest and a few publications.

lets get started here with our favourite (this person has probably never seen a show ever before):

“Literally the best thing I have ever seen”

Some publicational quoteage:

“Unstable King certainly know how to push conventional ideas of performance” – Circus Diaires

“This show will blow your mind and make you roar with laughter” – Intermission Bristol

“This is a flat-out fun show and the almost weirdly perfect thing to have seen on Back to the Future Day, 21st October 2015” – Exeunt Magazine

“Gloriously geeky, hilariously irreverent” – Theatre FullStop

“Surreal…One to watch” – The Public Reviews

here is some audience feedback (cause that’s the stuff that really matters right? right?)

“My face hurts. From smiling. Hilarious, honest and completely fluid”

“Red dwarf meets Mario in the circus – Brilliant show! Very Funny!”

“Genius – go and see it – it will make you happy”

“A bloody brilliant show which is really good fun, 100% engaging. I was in a game”

“The most fun play ever. Will also make you re-evaluate your life. A celebration of nerdiness”

“The matrix meets circus meets rugby team initiation game”

“theatre meets ultra geek extravaganza”

“Exceptional, just perfect”

“Circus but not as we know it.”

“Extremely clever and human. Very well performed”

“Breath of fresh air for theatre.”

“Works on many layers. Hugely entertaining, funny and
also with smatterings of profundity. Great all-round”

“show that deserves a wide audience. Perfect.”

“Wonderful show .. perfect balance of skill, wit, humour.”


“Excellent content. Uplifting”

in case you are asking the question what if these are all made up we say well done. it’s good to question things.