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Here is our marketing pack.

Here are some images, gifs, artwork, copy and a press release..

We have some sentences to advise on the booking / showing of the show.

The show is the opposite of the Pixar model; Made for adults but great for kids too. It went down great at Bristol Old Vic as a part of the family arts festival. We had 3 generation families coming and all said they got something from it.

Ideally the stage has 6 metres deep and 8 metres wide. But we can bring it down to 5 deep and 6 wide.

It suits an intimate space of 2 – 300 people.

We haven’t got an outdoor version yet but if you want to commission one we won’t object.

We offer the cardboard arcade along with the show with the aim of attracting new people to see live performance. For our marketing ideas / experience with it send us an e-mail and we will hit you up.

There are 4 people in the company. We drive up from around Bristol way.

The show is about 70 mins but can be adapted.

We know martial arts.