we’re pretty excited to be making progress with the cardboard arcade at the moment. if you don’t know what it is it’s a joint project with our show. here is some spiel for it;

Re-imagining the penny arcades of old the cardboard arcade is a temporary kingdom where legends are made. The space is filled with our custom built cardboard arcade machines and one projected 8 player main event game. Curated with a focus on creativity, simplicity and multi-player we welcome people who like to play.

It’s basically a way for all the audience to play games with each other and meet new people and just carry on the good energy that the show must create. if it doesn’t the arcade could be pretty awkward and the show is a failure.

what we’ve been up to

recently me and alex spent a 2 day session researching games for the arcade; once we found Samurai Gunn we ended up just playing loads of that but we did find some games that will definitely be included such as Clusterpuck 99, Starwhal, Mount Your Friends, Sumotori Dreams and Sportsfriends. we’re always looking for games, we focus on multi player but are up for some single player ones too if you have any you recommend.

alex has also put together the specs for the pc’s we will run the arcade machines with and has spent some time with a raspberry pi and some usb snes style controllers.

what’s really exciting is seb has made the prototype mini arcade machine which we will scale up and make with loads of super thick cardboard which will be cut with lasers iron man style.

if you are interested in the arcade at all we will be trying it out at BE Festival in Birmingham and at Postcards Festival at Jackson’s Lane in July, both alongside the show.

after that we plan on holding a monthly night somewhere in Bristol of multi-player gaming with prizes and supercrazyfuntimes.