I recently tried virtual reality on the Oculus Rift for the first time. I’ve been wanting to do since it was first kickstarted. Thanks to Brook who has a developer kit we spent the night playing with it interspersed with testing out local multiplayer games for the Cardboard Arcade.

I wanted to film my first try in a horror game (Dreadhallsas one day when we live in V.R I will say to my kids (probably in some insane forest where we are hunting dinosaurs with jetpacks) watch this. Then the video will pop up in their view and they can watch the first time I tried V.R. I also thought it may be my last try.

Anyway I made an edit below of my time in it. If you want you can read more below the video on my thoughts about it. Also we’re hopefully going to be bringing an Oculus with us to our cardboard arcade outing alongside our showing this year at Jacksons Lane in July and we’ll be setting it up during our run at Bristol Old Vic in October so we can see who can take the fear…

Video below and I recommend watching it in HD to truly grasp the warrior you are watching.

If you don’t know much about the Oculus Rift a simple bit of info is it was a Kickstarted project that kicked off proper style then facebook bought it. I’m more psyched on the HTC Valve Vive V.R set coming out this year cause I trust them more to be more open source but in general VR is happening. If you want to see some awesome things already being done check this out.

I plan on writing a longer bit on some ideas with VR and possibilities in the future (how it can mix with live performance and what it could mean for small touring companies like mine). For now I just want to say a brief bit about the experience.

Firstly I was scared out of my mind. The graphics were really bad in the game, the monsters / scary things weren’t very realistic, the walls were quite old school which reminded me I was clearly in a game. This meant I was more willing to give it a go and stay with it. As I walked through the corridors popping my head round hoping something wouldn’t be there I had a building sense of dread and fear. Pumping adrenaline, shallow breathing. Then I saw my first monster thing and just lost it. I can’t remember the rest as I was in full on flight/survival mode.

Later on I would hold the headset to my eyes then hold it down and look at the same image on the pc monitor. On the monitor it didn’t scare me, the second I put the headset in front of my eyes the fear came back. My brain believed it was real.

It was without doubt the scariest experience of my life.

Thanks to Brook for the use of it and the boys (Will, Alex, Ryan) for making sure afterwards I didn’t end up with PTSD.