Early 2020, the Donut dream begins. With a thirst for 80’s action films, samurai donut warriors and the taste of cash.

We are a small, family-run, Rad Donut Stall based in the Mendips, Somerset. We serve on the spot fried cake donuts at events, run our own donut fueled pop-ups and deliver locally insane yeast-raised filled donuts with the blessing of Matt Damonut himself.

Starting the stall in early 2020, we were excited to get out there but Corona stopped that (NOT COOL). So we’ve decided to take our Donuts online and deliver them to any legends that want them.


We’re currently delivering on Fridays. Orders need to be in by 3pm on Wednesday so we can get in the donutzone and prepare ourselves mentally and physically to explode your mind.

Donut delivery goes out at midday so expect them between 12 and 3. We recommend to eat them the same day for ultimate freshness and crispiness but if you don’t end up doing that put them in a closed container in the fridge and eat the next day (but don’t do this just eat them the day you get them let the beast out).

We are keeping to Government guidance because even though we’re rebels we’d rather rebel against Covid at the moment. The main way we deliver is like a normal postman and put a box by your door and knock. We’re working on delivering by drone and also delivering by throw which is when you open a window and we throw them in while driving a moving vehicle but we need more practice as currently, it's really messy.

Everything in our Donuts is made fresh in our Donut City Kitchen which exists in a realm too dangerous to mention here. We use stoneground local Organic Flour, Free Range Eggs (some say the chickens are too happy as they keep doing this weird laugh) and Organic Butter as our staple ingredients.